Introducing the new duni slippers

duni slippers are hand-made with Aso oke for the upper material, a wood-like material for the outer sole, and a soft cushion for the mid sole. Aso oke is a traditional, historic, rich and beautiful, hand-woven cloth that has been worn by the Yoruba people of West Africa for as long as we can remember. Aso oke comes in a variety of colours and patterns. It also comes in different textures, from cotton to silk, light to heavy, grainy to smooth, and so on.

Apart from being made with Aso oke, what also makes the duni slippers unique are that the soles are rectangular. Not the conventional feet-shaped soles that we are used to. No not at all. Think Japan meets Nigeria. This is where and how the duni slippers is set to turn convention on its head. By introducing a new twist on an old idea and making us ask, why? Then challenging us to ask, why not? Why do I want to wear rectangular Aso oke slippers? Then, why can’t I wear rectangular Aso oke slippers if they are beautiful, comfortable, go with what I want to wear and fit the occasion?

duni slippers come in as many colours and patterns as the Aso oke used for the the upper material so you can find a duni slippers to match any outfit and for any occasion. They are very beautiful. They are of very good quality and are durable. They are also quite comfortable and you can wear them all day.

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