About (Old)

Adunni Designs makes and sells one of kind accessories made from vintage Aso Oke cloth handwoven by the Yoruba people of West Africa. Aso Oke, which means top-cloth, is as old as the people themselves, a 2000 year-old cultural institution that still exists today. Traditionally worn by royalty, these accessories are perfect for an evening out with friends, a significant other, or on a blind date. They also make perfect gifts!

This blog is a journal of the path to creating Adunni Designs, the business challenges, the history, society and culture of the Aso Oke Weavers, and the why of why do I want to have my own business and why this business at all.

I had the idea for Adunni Designs over a year ago and there have been many events, both personal, as you need to believe in yourself and be focused to start your own business, and business, as I continue to learn the ins and outs of doing business.

May I amuse and entertain you and may you buy from Adunni Designs and tell your friends and family. But this blog is also for me. I get so much pleasure from writing it and it keeps me sane.

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